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A Few Important Matters.....

Posted by Justin Hensley at Aug 12, 2020 5:25PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

As we are now just 5 days away from the 1st Official Meet…. a couple of things…..

1) Please get me your activity fee ($25) by this Friday, August 14.
—Make the check out to KJHS
—In the memo line write….(students name) – XC

2) IHSA/IESA just released an addition to the “Return to Play” guidelines:

-ALL persons at XC meets MUST wear a mask, regardless of social distancing. This means coaches, students, officials, & fans. If you do not have a mask and are not wearing it, you will be asked to leave and may return once you are using a mask. -This guideline applies to all meets regardless of location.

3) Some general/basic XC rules.

- DO NOT enter the race course.
- DO NOT touch any runner or pass anything to a runner. This includes water, hair ties, etc….. Any touching or assistance by parents or fans can/ will result in disqualification of that runner or team from the race.
- DO NOT run parallel to any runner. You may run or jog perpendicular across the course to get a better view point, but, any running parallel to a runner is considered “pacing” and will result in disqualification of that runner/team from the race.
-Please give us space prior to the meet while preparing in the team canopy. I am a parent myself and understand the need and desire to give words of encouragement and praise to our children. Cross Country is both a TEAM sport and a SOLITARY sport at the same time. We need the time prior to warm ups to focus on the course and the job that we have at hand. You will have plenty of time to cheer on your runners as they migrate to warm ups and run outs in the box.
-Once the teams are officially being checked in the starting boxes, please leave the area. This is the most important time for mental preparation and certain race officials can be abrasive on this point.

All of your students have done a great job this summer and Coach King and myself are looking forward to the season, looking forward!


Emmalyn ran the “Black Lives Matter” 5k on August 5. Race proceeds went to The United Negro College Fund. If you’d like to see how she did or sign up for the race (it runs through August 31), click here:


Today, Emmalyn ran the “Virtual Slides” 5k, benefitting the Organization of Autism Research. Great job, Em!

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Congrats to Emmalyn Hensley for running the 4th of July virtual 5k for the Dogs, benefitting animal shelters that support adoption services, education in our community, and the health and well being of animals!

Want to see how she did?

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Congratulations to Emmalyn Hensley! On Monday, June 29th, she ran the Koala Krawl 5k, benefitting the Australian Koala Rescue Foundation.

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