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WOW! The last meet before the Sectional!

As usual, please adhere to all Covid-19 recommendations. You have all done a fantastic job with this!

Please enter the Macomb Jr/Sr High School parking lot and proceed to the Northeast corner near the Tennis Courts and the Baseball Grandstand. There is a huge field within the course that you can fan out. You can stand at virtually any point on the course and see your runner 70% of the time.

Girls will start at 4:00 sharp and boys will run at approximately 4:30.

We, again, WILL NOT stop to eat. There are many options along Jackson st. if you would like to take your student with you and grab a bite on the way home.

2020 IESA Sectional Gear is Now Available

Posted by Justin Hensley at Sep 21, 2020 11:09AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

A few changes to the sectional gear orders this year:

1) Your orders will be shipped directly to your home. They will NOT come in 1 order to the school.

2) The Cubby Hole WILL NOT be setting up at ANY of the sectional sites this year. If you want a sectional shirt, hoodie, etc…. you MUST order it online.

3) If you want to have your shirts before our Sectional Race, please have your orders in by OCTOBER 4. The store will remain open and apparel will be available to order until OCTOBER 25.

Just a reminder……..the sale of this apparel DOES NOT have anything to do with KJHS. We DO NOT receive any funds from these sales. These purchases are entirely optional.

To view the available gear and make your purchase, click the link below.

This year, in the checkout, they ARE NOT asking for the Sectional or Sectional location. If this changes, we are in AA Sectional K/ Mercer County/ Aledo.

They will ask for your school. Our official IESA school name is Knoxville JHS.

A Few Important Matters.....

Posted by Justin Hensley at Aug 12, 2020 5:25PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
IHSA/IESA just released an addition to the “Return to Play” guidelines: -ALL persons at XC meets MUST wear a mask, regardless of social distancing. This means coaches, students, officials, & fans. If you do not have a mask and are not wearing it, you will be asked to leave and may return once you are using a mask. -This guideline applies to all meets regardless of location. Some general/basic XC rules.

- DO NOT enter the race course.
- DO NOT touch any runner or pass anything to a runner. This includes water, hair ties, etc….. Any touching or assistance by parents or fans can/ will result in disqualification of that runner or team from the race.
- DO NOT run parallel to any runner. You may run or jog perpendicular across the course to get a better view point, but, any running parallel to a runner is considered “pacing” and will result in disqualification of that runner/team from the race.
-Please give us space prior to the meet while preparing in the team canopy. I am a parent myself and understand the need and desire to give words of encouragement and praise to our children. Cross Country is both a TEAM sport and a SOLITARY sport at the same time. We need the time prior to warm ups to focus on the course and the job that we have at hand. You will have plenty of time to cheer on your runners as they migrate to warm ups and run outs in the box.
-Once the teams are officially being checked in the starting boxes, please leave the area. This is the most important time for mental preparation and certain race officials can be abrasive on this point.

All of your students have done a great job this summer and Coach King and myself are looking forward to the season, looking forward!


AS we’ve done in the past, we will be selling candles and melts as a fundraiser this year. The order platform will be open all season. Go to “The Candle Hutch Candles/Melts” page and put in your order. I will submit orders weekly and pick them up when ready (usually 3-4 days).

The Candle Hutch is local (Galesburg). This means that not only do we make great money for a fundraiser, but, the money stays in our local community.

All candles are $10………the team gets $5! The melts are $5 and the team makes $2.50. This has been a great event in the past and has contributed to the new uniforms, team backpacks, team benches, recovery equipment, and most of the other things we have been able to acquire over the years. We as a family have found these as great gifts for our friends and family at the holidays.

The scents available this year are:

Cinnamon Toffee Lily of The Valley Dutch Cinnamon Muffin
Carrot Spice Cake Salted Caramel Ginger Caramallow Milkshake
Cranberry Sangria Monkey Fart Honeysuckle & Pear
Raspberry Lemonade Love Spell Lemon Cheesecake
Cinnabun Sugar Cookie Lemon Lavender
Warm Caramel Sugar Cookie Pumpkin Pie Tangerine Blossom
Jasmine Maple Pumpkin Muffin Bourbon Pumpkin Cake
Autumn Pear Apple Pie Minty Spruce
Snickerdoodle Cookies Weekend in Maui Key Lime Pie


Let’s get to know our team Co-Captain, looking forward…………

8th Grade in 2020-21
3rd Season on XC Team, 1st as Team Captain in 2020-21
Personal Record: 17:35 @ Alpha Park in Limestone
Total KJHSXC Races to this point – 16

What is your Favorite Color? “Teal”

What is your Favorite Food? “Peanut Butter”

What is your favorite Band or Music to listen to? “Country & Pop”

What is your favorite Movie or TV Show? “Miracle Season & Anything Disney”

Who is your Idol? “My Parents”

What is your favorite Sport or Hobby outside of XC? “Volleyball”

What do you think about when the race gets tough. When you hurt and need something to motivate you, what inspires you?
“It only hurts now. When I’m done, it will all be worth it.”

What was your favorite XC moment? “Running my very 1st race.”

What is your Life Motto? “Always work hard and never give up.”

What is the most important thing about being the Team Captain?
“To encourage the team and to lead by example.”