Thank You For Taking a Few Minutes on Friday Night

Posted by Justin Hensley on Jun 29 2020 at 06:16AM PDT

Thank you to those of you who sacrificed a half an hour of your Friday night. Hopefully the information I was able to relay was useful. To those of you who were unable to attend, the main points that need to be conveyed are the following:

1) Reminder to get your runner a sports physical and get me a copy before August 3.

2) For the month of July, we will practice Mondays and Wednesdays at Mable Woolsey & Fridays at the Track Complex. We will keep the 6 PM start time.

3) Thank you for your patience and understanding as I may have to switch practice locations due to other groups at our arranged location.

4) Because the Fundraiser Poll is trending as a Virtual Tie, I’ve decided to do both. The Candle Hutch candles and melts are available and you can order whenever you want by clicking “The Candle Hutch Candles/Melts” page. Fill out the form and I will put in the orders weekly. I will pick them up for you and distribute them at the next practice. Keep in mind that they are VERY generous and for every candle/melt we sell, we keep 50%! I have also created a t-shirt design and the online store link will be available and posted sometime this week.

5) The July training schedule is now available in the “Documents” section of this page. It is very important that each runner try to follow the schedule. Some of the newer runners may not be able to run the assigned mileage. That is OK! As I’ve discussed with them at practice, they just need to make the effort every day to get SOME running in. Just do the best that they can.

6) Although the State of Illinois has moved to Phase 4 of the Covid-19 Restore Illinois Plan, the IHSA’s “Return to Play” plan has NOT changed. All restrictions and guidelines are the same as we have been adhering to over the past few weeks. I will pass along any information as I receive it.

7) Every one of you Runners are doing an excellent job and it’s going to be an exciting season!


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