Posted by Justin Hensley on Aug 29 2021 at 07:22PM PDT

As in the past, I’ve created a form in the page list called “The Candle Hutch Candles/Melts”. If you would like to order more candles/melts, simply click on the folder and fill out the form. Once completed and submitted, it will report to me and I’ll arrange to have them poured for you. In the past, these items have proven to be great Christmas gifts and easy to stock your home inventory for the Holiday Season. We will continue to receive 50% of all candles and melts sold. I will be taking orders via the webpage form through November 30. I’ve also added 2 scents to the order form that are excellent for the upcoming holidays: Mistletoe @ Harvest.

I’ve also added the new : Hand-Made Rustic Wooden Bowl 3-wick Candle. It is pictured in the image attached to this announcement. You are also able to buy refill kits for the wooden bowls. Because of the expense associated with the hand carved bowls and the refill kits, the team will receive $10 for each bowl candle ordered and $5 for each refill kit.

I’ve attached an informational document to this post which contains additional information on all 4 products and descriptions of each scent.

Thank you for all that you contribute to this program!

The document CANDLE_HUTCH_INFORMATION_SHEET.docx was attached to this post.


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